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Intellectual Property

A page that aggregates the latest news on trademark registration and intellectual property of Asoka Law, accompanying businesses in protecting intellectual property.

Exclusive trademark registration - The secret for corporate asset protection

When a business owner conducts their start up project in a whole-hearted,  whole-souled, and full of enthusiasm manner, then the trademark and business name become living spirits, containing a lot of feelings of their owner.

1. Trademark - intangible or tangible property?

Some enterprises don’t take trademark protection registration seriously when embarking on business, often thinking they must save budgets for other tasks and procedures. To their minds, start-up business is short-lived; therefore, there’s no need for registration. 
However, this mindset is somewhat inappropriate.

Đăng ký nhãn hiệu độc quyền là bí quyết bảo vệ tài sản doanh nghiệp

                                             Unregistered trademarks mean unprotected business assets. 

In fact, it is quite risky for a business to operate without having a protected trademark. It is true that you have to worry about lots of things when running a business; nevertheless, it is the trademark/ trade name that makes customers remember and identify you with other competitors.     

For example, it is seldom for Asoka’s clients to say that “Today I have a meeting with Asoka Law Co., Ltd.”; instead, they just say “I will work with Asoka / Asoka Law today”. Yes, it is Asoka, or Asoka Law that helps identify the company and stays in the minds of its partners. It can be said that a trademark contains a lot of money and effort from a business, bringing valuable benefits. 

Then, is a trademark a tangible or intangible asset?

The answer is, it can be both. 

A trademark is a tangible asset as it can be valued through money. 

It can be an asset that is beyond money, that normal valuation finds it difficult to appropriately measure.

Especially when a business owner conducts their start up project in a whole-hearted,  whole-souled, and full of enthusiasm manner, then the trademark and business name become living spirits, containing a lot of feelings of their owner. Therefore, valuation through material means is not enough. 

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2. How to protect your trademark? 

Trademark protection includes various moves implemented by enterprises, for example: building a brand identity, regulating how to use the trademark in different cases toward employees - even those at the lowest levels, and regularly reviewing competitors to see whether these parties have profited from or defamed their trademark reputation. 

Đăng ký nhãn hiệu độc quyền là bí quyết bảo vệ tài sản doanh nghiệp

                                                      It is necessary to register trademark protection early

However, the first and most basic of protecting trademark as an asset is the exclusive trademark registration. This registration is not only for the application of the main trademark which is frequently used, but also for the associated trademarks so as not to miss the assets of the business.

Associated trademarks are trademarks registered by the same entity, identical or similar to one another, used for products or services of the same type or related (according to the Amendment Law of the Law on Intellectual Property No. 50/2005/QH11 - Law No. 36/2009/QH12).

Once register successfully and become “the rightful owner” of the trademark, the business need to review regularly to see whether its trademark is stolen, falsified, counterfeited, duplicated or mistakenly by other businesses/ individuals.

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3. How to protect trademarks

Businesses  can prepare the application for trademark registration themselves (please follow the tutorial series from Asoka Law’s lawyers under the “exclusive trademark registration” category), or more simply, can ask for a lawyer specializing in intellectual property to compile documents and implement procedures related to trademark protection.

Asoka Law is confident to be a professional lawyer team providing exclusive trademark registration service with the following advantages:

    Free trademark search: just within 30 minutes!
    Preparing trademark protection registration applications: Within 60 minutes - from the time of receiving the full information.
    - Speedy submissions for priority - Just within another 60 minutes, from the time applications are signed by clients. 
    Asoka Law is a legitimate Law Firm based in Ho Chi Minh City, with a team of experienced lawyers and dynamic consultants that make clients who have used services at Asoka Law unable to choose attorneys from other law companies. 

We certify that through the number of loyal customers continuously increasing from 2015 till now. Asoka follows clients from their start-up/ newly established stages into expansion, becoming global corporations.

On the occasion of launching the trademark protection service package for foreign businesses/ individuals, Asoka Law applies a 10% discount on the contract value to customers, from August 20, 2019 to October 31, 2019.

Contact Asoka Law Lawyers today to experience the “Speedy Trademark Protection Knight” Service Pack.

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