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Laying a solid start-up foundation
  • Understanding
  • Giving proper advice
  • Providing essential services

Asoka Law helps you to successfull set up your business.

We understand the challenges of starting a business

During providing legal supportprocess for 1000+ enterprises, we have studied and realized 04 most basic elements of starting a business
Choosing the right business type

Choosing the right business type

When starting a business, business owners often do not know the differences among distinct company types. Thus, it is difficult to apply a business model convenient and appropriate.

Understanding the legal roadmap

Understanding the legal roadmap

Each stage of producing/ offering products/ services requires different knowledge of application procedures. If lacking experience, you might face difficulties in coming up with a suitable legal roadmap to introduce your products/ services to the market.

Finding accompany staff

Finding accompany staff

A new business will often find it harder to find high quality personnel compared to old ones. The reasons might be smaller salary budget, less operating experience, limited welfare and bonding activities.

Financing for operation

Financing for operation

Starting a business requires taking into account surviving costs for those very first years. Every expense should be carefully considered. How to save money but still operate efficiently is the concern of businesses in this initial stage.

Effectively solving startup problems

Understanding the core elements of starting a business, Asoka Law has packaged each of the essential legal services - complete, clear and cost-effective. We have supported over 1000 businesses in establishing and smoothly launching their enterprises.
Step 01Lawyers consultation before establishment

Our experience shows that consulting determines 60% of initial success. Starting a business seems to involve simple procedures. However, if you do not understand the regulations related to establishment and operation, there might be errors.

You might be an expert in your chosen field of business, but you need to consider legal aspects as well. Lawyers from Asoka are experts in researching, orienting and warning against legal difficulties that your business may encounter. Just spend 1% of budget for consulting, and you will save 80% of the costs of dealing with arising legal issues.

Tâm Dương

Lawyer Tâm Dương

Media - Event & Business

198 cases booked
Vương Lê

Lawyer Vương Lê

156 cases booked
Đào Tiến Phong

Lawyer Đào Tiến Phong

Foreign investment, Corporate & Commercial

133 cases booked
Business registration
Step 02Business registration
03 tips to help enterprises successfully step into business:
  • Choosing the right company types.
  • Planning on major business lines.
  • Fully registrating auxiliary business lines.

Asoka Law has turned these tips into different packages, from basic to comprehensive, so that you can easily compare and choose. You will no longer have to worry about missing any procedures.

Step 03Investment registration
Asoka Law supports foreign investors in 02 forms:
  • Opening a new business.
  • Purchasing capital contribution and shares of companies already operating in Vietnam.

This startup model is suitable for small and medium business projects and activities. Applying for licenses are quite quick and simple, and procedures are relatively convenient. Investors are entitled to enjoy incentives in doing business and living in Vietnam, such as: policies on tax, residence, and property ownership,...

Investment registration

3 reasons to start a business with Asoka Law

3 reasons to start a business with Asoka Law

A law firm specializing in SMEs

Asoka Law's mission is becoming a dedicated partner for small and medium enterprises in the territory of Vietnam. Our legal knowledge, along with rich experience in serving thousands of SMEs, will help you considerably throughout the startup process.

Accompanying start-up businesses

You are not alone in your startup journey - thanks to Asoka team's support. We have completed a series of smooth working processes, performed by talented and enthusiastic staff. The results will definitely be better than you expected.

Returning full original records

In order to package and return all original documents to our clients, we must be careful not to miss any procedures when delivering services. Upon receiving original files, you will also be instructed by Asoka to operate the business after establishment.

Asoka Law's experts are enthusiastic, provide accurate advice and timely support. Working process is very scientific, smooth and ensures the progress of the contract. You guys did a great job!


Director of Manh Phat Dat Company

Developing your business after establishment

After successful business registration with Asoka, you get a strong foundation to readily grow your company. With our experience in serving 1000+ businesses, we acknowledge that post-creation services are vital for your company to prosper in the next 5 years. You can follow the legal roadmap that Asoka has developed for each stage of business to understand where you are and what to do in the next 5 years.

Having more questions? We're here to help.

Having more questions? We're here to help.
Does business establishment equal business registration?

Business establishment includes a lot of steps, not only registering a business at the Department of Planning and Investment. After receiving the Business Registration Certificate, there are other related procedures you need to carry out such as engraving company seals, announcing seal samples, bank account registration, buying token, and initial tax delaration.

Can I register a business on my own?

Yes, definitely. However, you may miss some necessary procedures due to misunderstanding of the Enterprise Law and relevant regulations. Futhermore, if you do not understand the core natures of information declaration & registration, you might not know how to properly prepare business registration appilcations/ documents, and to avoid future risks.

Can I register online, without going to State Agencies?

Yes, you can. However, currently some steps like submiting paper documents (hard copies) must be done at State agencies' offices. You can sign up to receive results by post delivery afterwards.

What shall I do after successfully setting up a business?

You shall check whether your business lines are conditional or not in order to apply for additional licenses or meet related requirements for doing business as prescribed by the law.

How can I look up information on conditional business lines?

Currently, business registration and searching for related information have become a lot more convenient. You can look up requirements on your chosen business lines yourself at the online National Business Registration System (NBRS): https://dangkyquamang.dkkd.gov.vn

Does Asoka Law support business registration in other cities and provinces?

Asoka's network of lawyers can completely support clients in HCMC (where its headquarter is located), Vung Tau, Da Nang, and Hanoi City. With other locations, Asoka provides online registration service, guidance on submitting applications at local agencies, and follows our clients until all the procedures are completed.

Don't miss out on free 2 consulting hours (worth VND 4,500,000) before setting up a company.

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