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Effectively handling disputes before arising

With over 12 year experience, 1000+ dispute resolution sessions, Asoka's lawyers has achieved approximately 80% of clients' expectations in successfully preventing conflicts

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Identifying disputes right from starting

Disputes usually stem from conflicts which are not handled promptly. At the moment conflicts become serious, there should be a lawyer to resolve or handle. Lawyer intervention helps minimize parties property and reputation damage up to 50%.
Identifying disputes right from starting
  • Collecting debts/requiring payments
    Asking for payments can stem from different situations, such as: providers do not provide any goods or sevices after receiving our clients is payments; customers do not pay or fully pay after being provided with services from our clients; there are debts among parties but no payments..
    Intellectual Property
    Intellectual property infringement is increasingly common, manifested in different forms such as: selling goods/ services under others is marks without authorization; producing fake, counterfeit, or poor quality goods under the industrial designs of famous brands; stealing copyrights from art works, scripts, and songs.
    Contract compensation
    Problems Arising Outside The Business Problem Arising Inside Businesses Contract violation means one party fail to implement/fully implement or properly implement obligations agreed between the two parties. There violations might be: differences in the quantity, quantity of goods purchased and sold; violations of service quality and schedule; improper response to franchise provisions, and so on.
  • Enterprise organization and management
    According to the provisions of the Law on Enterprises and the company is charter, chairmans of board of members /board of directors will have different duties compared to directors/ general directors or other members. However, during operation, many businesses encounter the situation in which members perform improperply or exceed the scope of decentralization, causing damage to businesses.
    Capital and asset contributions
    Disputes may arise if there are errors in capital contribution (not following legal regulations) or no clear terms/agreements among members. For example: capital contribution behind schedule; insufficient contribution; wrong valuation of contributed capital; inadequate recognition when contributing capital through efforts or intellectual property (though agreed before by two parties);
    Use of labor
    Common labor problems which often occur among enterprises are: improper employee warnings, dismissals, transfers, and layoffs, not following the procedures stated in the Labor Law. If conflicts happen, if the enterprise is not promptly consulted by a lawyer to skillfully handle the internal negotiation process, further disputes may arise in court.
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Team of lawyers with 12+ year experience

Asoka Law's attorneys have participated in +1000 business dispute resolution sessions, from common cases like debt collection, contract damage claims, to specific cases such as: handling maritime violations, mortgages, real estate, and insurance. Our lawyer network for dispute resolution is available in: Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Vung Tau, and Nha Trang.
Tâm Dương
Dang Thanh Tai
Huệ Trương
Vương Lê
Nguyễn Sơn Trà
Le Binh
Van Nguyen
Nguyen Thuc Khoa

Lawyer Tâm Dương

"Lawyer Tam Duong's strengths are capturing overview, planning strategies, and creativity. She makes problems simpler to solve and focuses on problem-solving through precise and flexible solutions."

198 cases booked

Working Experience

15-year experience in corporate and civil legal practices

Legal advisor for 30+ projects on art, commercial, and media.

Consulting on franchise and franchise dispute resolution

Representing clients in over 100 trials for businesses

Giving 100+ hour training on corporate/event-related legal matters.

Diploma & Language

Bachelor of Commercial Law, Ho Chi Minh City University of Law

Law Practice Certificate, Judicial Academy

Member of Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association

Member of Vietnam Bar Federation

Certificate in Intellectual Property Law

Language: English/Vietnamese.

Lawyer Dang Thanh Tai

Confident, dynamic, professional, and dedicated, Lawyer Tai always aims to provide the best protection for clients' legitimate rights and interests.

159 cases booked

Working Experience

15-year experience in consulting and representing clients in legal procedures related to business, investment and dispute resolution.

In-depth experience in trading, importing and ship registration.

Representing businesses to participate in over 100 trials.

Participating in over 200 hours of legal training for businesses.

Diploma & Language

Bachelor of Law - Ho Chi Minh City University of Law

Law Practice Certificate - Judicial Academy

Member of Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province Bar Association

Member of Vietnam Bar Federation

Language: English/Vietnamese

Lawyer Huệ Trương

Honest. Conscientious. Enthusiastic.

88 cases booked

Working Experience

09 years of experience in consulting for foreign individuals and organizations investing in Vietnam.

Particularly experienced in cancer / molecular biology laboratory establishment.

Specializes in counseling for individuals & families immigrating and settling abroad, and carrying out procedures for consular legalization, marriage with foreign elements, temporary residence and working in Vietnam.

Diploma & Language

Bachelor of Law - Ho Chi Minh City University of Law

Certificate of graduation from Judicial Academy's law practice training course

Member of Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association

Member of Vietnam Bar Federation

Language: English/ Vietnamese

Lawyer Vương Lê

Decisive & determined. Thorough handling problems to protect maximum benefits for businesses.

156 cases booked

Working Experience

12 years of experience in corporate internal legislation.

Internal lawyer of Tan Hiep Phat, Fujifilm Vietnam Group. Current legislation director of Coca Cola Vietnam Group.

Extensive experience in establishing and operating legislation departments for large corporations.

Directly delivering consultation & training sessions on internal legislation and representing businesses to participate in litigation.

Diploma & Language

Bachelor of Civil Law - Ho Chi Minh City University of Law

Law Practice Certificate - Judicial Academy

Member of Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association

Member of Vietnam Bar Federation

MBA - Solvay Brussels School Economics & Management

Language: English/Vietnamese

Lawyer Nguyễn Sơn Trà

"Lawyer Son Tra focuses on practical solutions to resolve legal issues for clients."

163 cases booked

Working Experience

15-year experience in different legal fields: dispute resolution, debt collection, marriage and family.

Over 9-year experience collaborating with 2 big law firms: Baker McKenzie, and Phuoc & Partners.

Through bilingual communication in English and Vietnamese, providing effective legal support for major clients such as: Standered, ANZ, Shell Vietnam, Petronas Vietnam, General Motors Vietnam, Credit Reform, Maybank Kim Eng, Sika Vietnam, Nuplex Vietnam, Petec, and Schenker Vietnam.

Lawyer Representative for individuals/ businesses participating in over 60 litigation sessions.

Diploma & Language

Bachelor of Commercial Law - Ho Chi Minh City University of Law

Law Practice Certificate, Asset Management Officer Practice Certificate - Judicial Academy

Member of Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association

Member of Vietnam Bar Federation

Language: English/Vietnamese

Tax Advisor Le Binh

Assertive and agile, Ms. Binh is always dedicated to her career and put clients' interests first.

119 cases booked

Working Experience

12-year experience in corporate tax, accounting consulting and training.

Consulting & providing services on Accounting and Tax for over 400 businesses in Commerce, Service, Construction, Hospitality, and Tourism.

Consulting on Labor, Salary, and Corporate Social Insurance for over 100 businesses.

Providing training in Accounting and actual Practical tax for over 500 learners.

Diploma & Language

Bachelor of Economics - HCMC University of Economics

Certified Public Accountant

Certified Chief Accountant

Language: Vietnamese/English

Lawyer Van Nguyen

Lawyer Van is skilled in process and analysis. She is capable to provide the most reasonable and optimal solution.

126 cases booked

Working Experience

More than 10 years in charge as senior legal and e-commerce at VNP Group (vatgia.com, cucre.vn,...), FPT online purchasing (games, media), Artstuff (manufacturing mechanical keyboards), Dong Saigon (real estate), ASC (information technology, educational software).

In-depth consulting on in-house legal issues such as mergers and acquisitions, labor, social insurance,…

Lawyer Van has significant expertise in terms of human resources and labor such as recruitment, dismissal, and labor contract compensation.

Diploma & Language

Bachelor of Commercial Law, Law University of Ho Chi Minh City.

Lawyer practice certificate, Judicial Academy.

Member lawyer - Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association.

Member lawyer - Vietnam Bar Federation.

Language: English/Vietnamese.

Advisor Nguyen Thuc Khoa

Khoa is a consultant and strategic financial trainer for business owners in a dedicated, vibrant, and enthusiastic manner.

089 cases booked

Working Experience

An Entrepreneur and Strategic Financial Trainer with more than 12 years of experience practicing Business, Financial, and Educational Consulting with many applicants who are Business owners, members of the Board of Member, and Investors in many business lines. Currently, Nguyen Thuc Khoa is:

Founder of Eric Capital - a Professional Organization specializing in Training, Strategic Financial Consulting, and Corporate Administration.

Forbes Under 30 Vietnam Class 2022 - One of 25 outstanding young entrepreneurs voted by Forbes Vietnam magazine in 2022.

Diploma & Language

Member of the Education Committee of The Institute of Internal Auditors (The IIA) in Vietnam.

Member of The Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Australia (The CMA Australia) and the Institute of Internal Auditors of USA (The IIA).

Member of Global Shapers - Group of global constructivists, a community of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Member of the Training Committee of the Ho Chi Minh City Young Business Association (YBA) Gia Dinh.

Member of Vietnam Valuation Association (VVA).

Language: English/Vietnamese.

The 3 principles behind our success

The process of representing clients to resolve disputes by Asoka Law's lawyers strictly follows the CBA principles (will be described below).Our consistent commitment to this procedure throughout our working process has yielded outstanding achievements in all of our cases of being lawyer representatives.


Carefulness (carefully collecting information)

Being careful in reviewing documents, listening to clients' opinions, collecting data to gain insights.

Backup (preparing backup plans)

In order to make sure that our clients' wills are fulfilled, we has created different protocols for handling cases and always having backup plans to minimize risks.

Adaptability (adaptability for quick resolution)

If there are situations unexpectedly arising, we are able to quickly adapt and resolve them to gain the initiative.

** Non-disclosure Agreement

Choose the suitable service package for dispute resolution:

Each and every dispute is different, with its all situation. Based on the documents and data provided by clients, we will give out the most suitable plan to handle. Besides, you can take a look at the fees listed at our site as well as our package recommendations to choose the right solution.

Negotiation Package

Recommended for
Mild inconsistencies, in which it is possible for two parties to negotiate (according to Clients).

* Price: from 1.000 usd

** Non-disclosure Agreement
  • Gathering and analyzing evidence
  • Proposing solutions
  • Preparing request applications & letters
  • Representing Clients to negotiate
  • Following procedures
  • Receiving and handing over results
Memorandum of understanding; the dispute is over thúc.

Litigation Package

Recommended for
Serious inconsistencies, in which it is impossible for two Parties to negotiate, and final judgments from Courts are needed (according to Clients).

* Price: from 2.000 usd

** Non-disclosure Agreement
  • Gathering and analyzing evidence
  • Contacting related persons
  • Participating in Court sessions
  • Lawyers settling disputes
  • Lawyers settling disputes
  • Theo Following legal proceedings
  • Receiving and handing over results
Decisions/judgments with legal effect on dispute adjudication between parties

Comprehensive Package

Recommended for
Clients wanting to fully authorize our Lawyers to decide suitable options for dispute-related situations and developments among parties.

* Price: from 2.500 usd

** Non-disclosure Agreement
  • Gathering and analyzing evidence
  • Proposing solutions
  • Preparing request applications & letters
  • Representing Clients to negotiate
  • Contacting related persons
  • Participating in Court sessions
  • Lawyers settling disputes
  • Lawyers settling disputes
  • Following legal proceedings
  • Receiving and handing over results
  • Following judgment execution procedures
Memorandums of understanding or Decisions/judgments with legal effect on dispute adjudication between parties

Successful cases by Asoka Law

The Asoka's lawyer team successfully represented company's shareholders to ask them to buy back the capital contribution because the CEO didn't run it transparently as he hadn't provided the data honestly.

Case type

Contractual dispute

Why choosing Asoka Law as your representative to handle disputes?

cham cham Why choosing Asoka Law as your representative to handle disputes?

Experienced companions

Lawyers assigned by Asoka Law to participate in litigation are at the "mature" age of their professions. We prioritize lawyers with practical life experience, familiar with the cases, and drastic in character in order to achieve victory for clients.


Best solutions for clients

When disputes happen, everyone wants to achieve their expected results. We, however, always consider giving our clients the most suitable and practical solutions for their situations. Such solutions have to not only achieve their goals but also preserve their prestige and reputation in business.


Clearly listed prices and fees

All prices and fees are clearly listed on our website so that clients can accordingly plan their budgets. Also, Asoka Law is lawyers are always aware of maximizing savings for our clients (for example, business fees and travel expenses), with clear and detailed reports after each case.

Frequently asked Questions

Time for settling disputes
How long does it usually take when using Asoka's Negotiation Package?

According to provisions in Asoka Law's service contracts, the estimated time of the Negotiation Package is 03 - 06 months. This is the standard that Asoka has set for Negotiation cases, applied for many clients.

How long is Asoka Law's Litigation Package?

Time for litigation is determined by the responsible Court for related parties to follow. Normally, a dispute which is not too complicated can be handled within 01 - 02 years.

How long is Asoka's Comprehensive Package?

At Asoka's Comprehensive Package, the Client entrusts full authority our Lawyer to decide the plan suitable for the actual situation and case developments. Usually, our Comprehensive Package will last for 06 months or/and in compliance with the time frame set by the responsible Court.

Choosing packages
How can I choose the right package to use (Negotiation, Litigation, or Comprehensive), based on which criteria?

Choosing can be based on the severity of your problem(s). If there are possibilities to negotiate, you should choose the Negotiation Package; if inconsistencies are serious, you should consider Litigation Package. And if you are not sure about case severity or related details, you should choose the Comprehensive Package to entrust full authority for Asoka Law's Lawyers.

Can I ignore negotiation and just proceed litigation?

Of course. However, during the trial process, the Court still has to mediate and facilitate all parties to come to an agreement for case resolution.

Which one should I use: Negotiation Package, Litigation Package and Comprehensive Package?

For cost saving, you can begin with the Negotiation Package. If the Lawyer has conduct negotiation but hasn't achieve desirable results, you might continue to use the Litigation Package.

Asoka's areas of expertise
Does Asoka Law accept cases of disputes over intellectual property?

Yes. Our Lawyers always work with businesses about intellectual property protection, regarding trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, computer software, and so on.

Does Asoka Law accept cases of debt collection or payment request?

Yes. This is one of Asoka Law's fields of strength. Our lawyers succeed in a lot of cases on payment/debt collection.

Does Asoka Law accept cases of civil disputes?

In order to provide in-depth services for businesses, Asoka Law has determined its strengths and focused on solving disputes between businesses. However, in case clients have used services at Asoka Law as business owners, priority is given to cases of representing to handle civil disputes.

Does Asoka Law accept cases related to divorce or inheritance?

Yes, when our clients request. However, depending on case severity, not all of them are accepted. For example, if your case is normal divorce by mutual consent or inheritance division, you only need to request our Lawyer Consultation package.

Asoka Law's working methods
How can I request direct consultation with Asoka's lawyers?

Currently, Asoka Law provides 2 consulting methods: free consultation (by our client care unit) and paid consultation (by our respective lawyers). You can fill out an inquiry form that will be automatically emailed to the client care unit, or go to our Lawyer Consultation page to request a paid consultation.

Through which channels can I contact Asoka Law online?

You can chat directly with Asoka's client care unit via the chat box displayed on our website. Or: call - message via Hotline 096 191 4328 (zalo/viber/whatsapp). In addition, we also have accounts on facebook, youtube (name: Asoka Law), and email (consult@asokalaw.vn). You can choose the contact channel that best suits you. Upon receiving your requests, Asoka Law specialists will contact you back within 30 minutes (during working hours).

Can I go to Asoka Law's headquarter to request a direct consultation?

Yes, you can. However, you must register in advance with our client care unit or through our Lawyer Consultation page. Pre-registration is for us to properly arrange a Lawyer that best suits your requests. Also, face-to-face lawyer consultation is a form of paid consultation under Asoka Law's provisions.

a team of over 12-year experience always willing to listen to your dispute.

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