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"Work with those compatible and you'll find out things suitable"

We are Asoka Law

Asoka Law Co., Ltd. is a law firm for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) establishing and operating in Vietnam. The name Asoka originates from the Asoka flower which always grow in clusters, and is yellow, beautiful and fragrant in its most gorgeous time. Asoka is considered a symbol of serenity and encouragement. Therefore, the message that we want to convey is: Asoka Law comes to clients to bring happiness, auspices and good lucks.


For our mission, Asoka Law chooses to become "a conscientious partner". For this reason, all Asoka Law's members always attempt to understand the clients and fulfill our commitments.


We not only attempt to perform missions lawfully but also harmonize the benefits of all parties involved.


All of Asoka's members are protected by unity. Our company is small, but everyone can freely dedicate themselves to their professional as well as personal development.

What will you get when being a Asoka's member?

Supportive co-workers

Supportive co-workers

Asoka Law looks for those who share the same values and place strong importance on strong bonds and connections. In Asoka, you will find open-minded working spirits, ready for communication.

Training and coaching

Training and coaching

Asoka honestly has an interest in the career development of each member. Being a new Asoka-er, you will go through a comprehensive training process. This will help you learn about the job in great details and feel comfortable for your first successful workweeks.

Career development

Career development

It is also possible for a new Asoka-er to become a leader. In Asoka, you will be supported to build and develop your own career. We always work hard, give one another kindness, as well as promote honest and faithful relationships. So, Asoka-ers will always have the feeling they are a part of Asoka.

Work/life balance

Work/life balance

Embracing Work-Life Harmony is encouraged by Asoka because we believe this will help our members be happy and work more effectively. We enjoy learning and reveling together. Of course, it's impossible not to mention extracurricular activities that encourage closer connections, better understanding, and knowledge sharing among members.



Recruitment of Legal SpecialistsDetails

Aoska Law is looking for 01 Legal Specialists with the following features and requirements.

Recruitment of Sales SpecialistsDetails

Aoska Law is looking for 01 Sales Specialists with the following features and requirements.

Recruitment of AccountantDetails

Aoska Law is looking for 01 Accountant with the following features and requirements.

Recruitment of Legal InternsDetails

Aoska Law is looking for 01 Recruitment of Legal Interns with the following features and requirements.

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