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About Asoka Law

Thank you for visiting the e-commerce website www.asokalaw.vn which belongs to Asoka Co., Ltd - a legitimate law firm located in Ho Chi Minh City licensed by the Department of Justice of HCMC

“Asoka” or “Ashoka” means “without grief” (“sorrowless”) or “without sorrow” (“without grief”) in Sanskrit. Asoka is also the name of a plant whose flowers are orange at the budding stage, blooming in clusters, very fragrant, then gradually turning red. This flower is specially worshiped because of its sacred meaning, considered a symbol of bliss and goodness.

Asoka Co., Ltd is intentionally named after Asoka flowers, meaning to come and take the grief and trouble away, leaving only auspices, happiness, good luck, and peace for our clients.

About Asoka Law

Our missions

Our missions

We are lawyers, legal specialists/representatives with rich experience. Besides local legal knowledge, the first things we do for all projects and clients is LISTENING. Listen to understand, to feel, to judge and to CONSCIENTIOUS.

Asoka believes that Conscientiousness is more valuable than Talent. We aren't sure to be the most talented lawyers out there but always be THE MOST CONSCIENTIOUS EXPERTS. Being conscientious to understand, and to associate. Not only experts, but we are also FRIENDS, PARTNERS, RELATIVES SHARING life stories with our clients.

After Listening, being Conscientious and Sharing, our next step is CONDUCTING. We concentrate on sustainability, rightful solution and always think about long-term benefits for each project in particular and our community in general.

No rush, no cut corners, associate and conscientiously develop together

We work hard and attempt to become the best law firm
for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
establishing and operating in Vietnam.

How we work to achieve the targets

01.Provide utility services

We research necessary legal aspects for small and medium enterprises and design into utility services, easy-to-use. The packing accord to the age of business, includes as follows: newly established business, 01-03 year businesses and business over 3 years in order to assist clients in visualizing overview legal road map.

Provide utility services

02.Clear budget estimates

Clients can easily find out the needed service charges which are publicly posted on Asoka Law's website. It is our intention to facilitate the business's budget estimates and decision to use the service. This also saves time surveying and quoting the price for your business.

Clear budget estimates

03.Serve clients conscientiously

When establishing Asoka Law firm until now, we still always focus conscientiousness with the clients. From packing service to the advisory, implementation profile, operated advice after service, Asoka Law's lawyers and legal experts attempt to do elaborately and completely.

Serve clients conscientiously
01Provide utility services
02Clear budget estimates
03Serve clients conscientiously

Our Legal Services

In Asoka Law, SMEs business can easily find out essential service, depend on the age of business. We belive that utility service providing in a clear way will help the business figure to themselves legal work need to be done.

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